Fun and easy exercises to do in your dorm room

This is the season where everyone stays indoors to protect the greater community. It’s time to get creative with the activities we can carry out and more importantly—stay healthy. Here are some useful things to do to stay fit indoors!

1. HITT workouts on YouTube

Since the whole world is now staying at home, there are now more workout videos than ever. 


How about doing a quick HITT workout? All you need is some space and a towel.  Visit these links to get a good sweat! 

15 Minute Workout by Natasha Oceané:
10 Minute Leg Workout by Chris Heria:
30 Minute HITT workout:

These workout videos are sure to keep your heart pumping! 

2. Dance workouts 

Who doesn’t love dancing to good music? 


Dancing is the best thing you can do when you are feeling a bit stuffy from staying indoors for long periods of time but it is difficult and expensive to buy a Nintendo just to play these games. Lucky for us, some people have uploaded videos of the games and all we have to do is just watch and follow! 

Search “Just Dance 2020 Gameplay” in YouTube and you’ll see some of these videos 

3. Plank Challenges

Start a competition with your friends and see who can hold a plank for the longest time! It’s entertaining and also helps to build those six-packs. 


4. 30-day exercise challenges

Search online for month long exercise challenges! Search “month long exercise challenges” on Google. It’s a great way to keep healthy without overexerting yourself! 


5. Simple stretches

Don’t want to sweat too much? Doing a few simple stretches is good as well. 


Here are some videos to follow 15 Minute Beginner Flexibility Routine: