Mini sports and games to play while indoors

Looking for a sports activity but can’t go outdoors? Here are some suggestions on how to keep active—even within small spaces.

1. Indoor bowling 


Image from Wee Folk Ar

Miss those days at the bowling alley? You would be glad to know that you can relive the experience again with some indoor bowling! All you need to replace those bowling pins with empty bottles and grab a small ball!

2. Darts


Throwing darts is both a conversation starter and a good way to spend your days indoors. It is not only a simple game but is also easy to set up! All you need is a foam board and some darts. Simply draw the rings on your foam board with a marker and you’re good to go.

3. Table Tennis


Thankfully, table tennis is a sport that doesn’t take up a lot of space. All you have to do is to borrow a long table and grab two paddles. Next thing you know, an entire afternoon as passed while playing ping pong.

4. A dance party 


Staying indoors for long periods of time can get you feeling restless. This is where you can use music to lift your mood! Get that energy flowing when you do a quick dance-off in your dorm and we guarantee you’ll feel better. Let’s not forget to mention that dancing can also be a great workout. You can even post your interesting dances on TikTok afterwards!

5. Chatek


This traditional game puts your sense of balance to the test. Challenge yourself by trying to allow the chatek to stay in the air by kicking it with the heel of your foot. Each player is however, not allowed to use his hands to touch the chatek. A simple but challenging game!