How the MyMA App and Celebration of Hope campaign benefited the foreign workers

Last December, we started to distribute $10 eVouchers on the MyMA app for the Celebration of Hope campaign to our fellow foreign workers to show our appreciation and hard work they put in. Here is how the MyMA app has brought convenience to them.

1. Discounted groceries with the $10 eVoucher


“I’m happy using MYMAapp to pay for my daily groceries, the $10 voucher helps me lower my total cost!”

2. Quick payments! No more wallets needed - payments made easy and completed quickly!

The MyMA app simplifies and eases the traditional way of making payments. There’s no need to bring cash around with you! Here is how some of your friends used it:


3. Snap a picture of the QR code and payment is done!

Thanks to the app, our fellow foreign workers are able to use the $10 eVoucher very easily.


4. An app that simplifies your daily routine!

The $10 eVoucher stored in the MyMA app covers your next trip to the convenience store, treat yourself and get your favourites!


5. Watch movies and call your family anytime with the MyMA app

Our foreign workers have also said that not only was it convenient to make payments, there are a variety of entertainment available on the app as well, making it an all-rounded app! 


“I like MyMA app best for the fast Free WiFi Internet access in my dorm lobby to watch movies online and video call my family easily”
6. Sending money home is easier now!

Remittance can now be done using the MyMA app so you can take care of your family anytime and anywhere!


“I used to go outside to do remittance, but now I can remit from MyMA app easily from my phone by Top-up cash in mini-mart into eWallet!”