Our Services

A mobile app platform which aims to become an intrinsic part of a worker’s life by providing a one-stop service for all the daily routines. Users will be able to perform online transactions and remittance, gain access to banking facilities, obtain the latest information from the Ministry of Manpower, sign up for courses, play games and enjoy watching their favourite movie and tv programmes at the comfort of their private space.


Remittance, It is a known fact that remittance is required by most of MyMA’s users. The app has partnered with SingX and FlexM to provide the best exchange rate and minimal or no admin charges for the remittance of money back home. That is a lot easier and most importantly, safely and securely.


Banking Service, MyMA has partnered with local bank POSB and DBS in Singapore to allow the updates of their monthly salary payment and bank balance through the mobile app. This allow the user’s easy access to their bank accounts information at their fingertips. Other banking service options include monitoring bank balances statement via SMS and electronic transferring of money to other accounts. 


Phone Card Top-Up, Nothing brightens one’s day more than hearing the voice of a loved one. MyMA understands that its users rely heavily on phone card credits to clock in call minutes overseas. Therefore, the app makes topping up phone credits easily and more rewarding.


Transportation, Getting around for MyMA’s users in Singapore just got a lot easier. The app offers a detailed map of Singapore, complemented by the MRT grid system, real-time updates of bus arrivals, and suggested directions to getting from point A to point B. The app also boasts capabilities of direct booking of taxis as well.


Dormitory Service, Staying in the dormitory has been made easier with MyMA. The app allows users to take picture for any repairs and maintenance required directly to the party concern. No need to fill and submit forms requesting for repair requirement anymore. After the repair is completed, a push notification for the completion of the repair can be send via the app. and a seamless report and record can be generated from the app.


Food Ordering, Food delivery service is big here in Singapore. Therefore, MyMA has partnered with food cater and delivery companies so that its users can enjoy the convenience of food being delivered to their dormitories at very reasonable prices. MyMA’s E-Wallet plays a part in making transactions smooth and seamless.


Training, to encourage users to upgrade their skills and lower the employers levy in hiring skilled workers, MyMA has worked with ASPRI and other training establishments to offer specific courses to upgrade the skills of the foreign workers. Other classes such as English lessons and computer skill can be booked and register via the app. Users can browse through the offered classes, select the ones that interest them and fit into their schedule. Payment is made via the app. through the E-Wallet.


Entertainment, MyMA comes pack with an exhaustive array of entertainment options to keep users well-occupied during their leisure time. Boasting a library of Bollywood movies and addictive mobile games, users will certainly be pampered with an arrays of enjoyment.


Co-developed with MatchMove, MyMA has introduced its E-Wallet function where users can turn their desired amount into credits, straight from their bank accounts. This way, users can reap the convenience of online bookings, e-transactions for goods and services, and making secure cash deposits.


Co-developed with MatchMove to offer user the option of a debit card for holder to transfer money electronically from their e-wallet when making a transaction