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MyMA Wallet
  • Powered by FlexM, the MyMA eWallet allows users to enjoy the convenience of online purchases, bookings or food ordering

  • E-transactions for goods and services and making secure cash deposits

  • Top-up MyMA eWallet with Cash instantly using NPN terminal, OR using your bank accounts with ATM terminals (1 business day)

Bollywood Movies
  • Be entertained for hours on end with the app’s library of Bollywood Movies

  • Getting around Singapore just got easier for MyMA’s users

  • A detailed map of Singapore complimented by the MRT grid system

  • Real-time updates of bus arrivals and suggested directions to their destinations 

  • Facilitates the direct booking of taxis

Food Ordering
  • Food delivery services are part of the Singapore lifestyle

  • In partnership with various food caterers and delivery companies

  • Enjoy the convenience of food delivered to their dormitories at reasonable prices

  • MyMA’s E-Wallet plays a part in making transactions smooth and seamless

Mobile Prepaid Card Top Up
  • Hearing the voice of a loved one brings unparalleled comfort

  • MyMA understands that its users rely heavily on phone card credits to clock in overseas call minutes

  • With this feature, topping up phone credits is not only easier but is also more rewarding

Banking Services
  • In partnership with local banks POSB and DBS

  • MyMA app allows user to access their bank account information and monitor their bank balance statements via SMS

  • Allows money transfers to other account

  • Monthly salary payment and bank balances are updated through this mobile app

MyMA Mastercard
  • Enable MyMA Virtual and Prepaid Mastercard debit cards in MyMA app

  • Facilitates the transfer of money electronically from the e-wallet for purchases worldwide

  • Easy and Convenient way to pay for Shopping and Dining, accepted around the world

  • Cash withdraws from ATM 24/7

  • Contact us to get your MyMA Prepaid Mastercard debit card

  • Remittance is an essential for foreign workers

  • Partnered with SingX and FlexPay by MatchMove to provide best exchange rate with minimal to no admin charges

  • Transactions are made easier and more importantly, safer and more secure

Dormitory Service 
  • Living in the dormitory has become more comfortable

  • Take photos/video and report maintenance issues directly to building management office with MyMA app

  • Push notifications for completion of repair can be sent via the app with report generated

  • Gone are the days of filling and submitting lengthy forms for repair requests

  • Features an exhaustive list of entertainment options to keep users well occupied during their leisure time

  • Free-to-Play games are readily available and new games will be added from time to time

  • Skills upgrade can be done anytime with the easy-to-follow E-learning function for foreign workers

  • This gives them an option to constantly improve themselves during their pockets of free time

  • Lifelong learning is now made possible

  • Users are encouraged to upgrade their skills and lower the employers levy in hiring skilled workers

  • In collaboration with ASPRI and other training establishments, useful courses are available for foreign workers to upgrade their skills

  • Short courses such as English lessons, Construction, Engineering and PC skills can be booked and registered via the MyMA app eWallet payment too.

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